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Let’s Get Some Writing Done

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Given my chaotic schedule these last few weeks, I’m relying on the wisdom of some good friends in the extended network of writers in our area to fill you will some hope and guidance to move forward with your writing.

From my friend Christina Baker Kline’s blog, here are Thirteen Tips for Actually Getting Some Writing Done from Gretchen Rubin who blogs at The Happiness Project.

They’re good tips that I’m using myself. I particularly like #2: “Remember that if you have even just fifteen minutes, you can get something done!”

Let’s all keep that in mind when life tries to suck every minute from us like sweat in the desert. I’m headed for my fifteen minutes now. How about you?


Author: Judith

Judith Lindbergh's latest novel, Pasture of Heaven, is about a nomad woman warrior on the Central Asian steppes in the 5th century BCE. (And there really were!) Her first novel, The Thrall's Tale, is a literary historical novel about three women in the first Viking Age settlement in 10th century Greenland. The Thrall's Tale was a Booksense Pick and a Borders Original Voices selection. Judith is also the founder and director of The Writers Circle, a creative writing program offering workshops for children and adults.

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